How much do you cost?
The cost varies with the complexity of the return. Of course you prefer a firmer estimate and you are invited to call and discuss your personal situation. Homeowners are may require a 1040, Schedule A, an Ohio return, perhaps a School return and a City return. If you needed all of these particular tax forms then pricing for the interview and analysis, review of your 2016 returns, draft preparation and discussion, finalization, E-filing, Direct Deposit and year-round availability would be less than $500. Less complex returns will be prepared for even less. Shop around and you will find a CPA is more affordable then you think.  Again, all clients receive a free consultation, free review of their prior year’s tax returns, free E-filing of all eligible returns, and free direct deposit of your refund. Equally important, we are available to you year round to answer your questions.

Do you offer Rapid Refunds or Refund Anticipation Checks?

Those programs are a rip off. Firms and preparers that offer those programs do not have your best interests in mind. We will electronically file your return for free.  Additionally, we usually request the IRS and your state to directly deposit your refund into your checking or savings account. These two steps are always free to our customers and are the two most effective steps toward a fast refund. Most refunds will be available to you in less than 15 days and sometimes as few as 8 days. Greg treats you fair at a fair price. Don’t settle for anything less.

I received a letter from a tax department. Can you help?

Absolutely! You know the saying…the only two things that are certain in life is Death and Taxes. Please do not ignore communications from tax authorities. These people do not go away. It is important that the issue is addressed promptly and correctly. Often the tax authority is simply asking for more information or has encountered some type of mismatch with data from another source such as an employer or financial institution. Allow a professional to respond to the communication on your behalf. Many issues can be resolved without additional tax, interest or penalties.

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I have always done my taxes myself or used one of those offices that are in strip malls five months of the year. How does the tax preparation process work when I use a CPA?

It’s easy and convenient. Call Greg to set up an appointment. When you set up the appointment, Greg will get a feel for your situation and offer tips regarding what info will be needed to minimize your taxes and maximize your refund. Then, gather your stuff like W-2s, interest statements and charitable donation records. Don’t forget about last year’s tax return. Greg will want to look at it to ensure that it was correctly prepared too! Once you sit down with Greg, he’ll ask you questions, not to by nosey but to talk about deductions and other opportunities to minimize your tax. Maybe a few more documents are required – no worries. The ball is now in Greg’s court. He’ll prepare all of your tax returns and even share a draft with you before it is finalized. Only after you and Greg are satisfied the tax return is accurate and complete and all of your questions are answered will Greg finalize your tax file. Your tax file will include all of your documentation and a copy of all your returns. The file will also include a form for you to sign authorizing Greg to electronically file your tax returns. If some returns cannot be electronically filed, Greg will set you up with the envelops and forms necessary to be mailed in and walk you through that process too. That’s it! If you have questions during the year then give Greg a call. He will be available to you year round.

Are CPA’s more expensive then the tax prep offices in the strip mall?

Nope, Greg is less. Why – no fancy store fronts, no expenses to train new preparers every year, no national advertising and no full page spreads in the paper. Discuss your situation with Greg and get an estimate. Compare his estimate to the strip mall competitors – you will be pleasantly surprised.

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